Health Check Service

Health Check Service

Do you want to get ahead of the problems with your appliances and keep them serving you for longer?!

We hold value in maintenance rather then repair, looking after and maintaining what we have rather then replacing it or replaring it after something has gorn wrong.

Our signature Health Check Service provides you with support to keep your machines healthy and adressing issues before they become major problems.

Our Signature Health Check Service includes:

An inspection and testing of your appliance(s) and also cleaning and adjusting anything which is off balance & out of order - In other words a 'full appliance service'.

This will help prevent unessassary breakages and repairs. If problems are found, we will offer well priced solutions which are often cheaper than waiting for a breakage. 

Our team can also give you pointers on how to extend the life of your appliance and what are major contributors for causing breakages and damage to your specific machines.

This Full Service is $154 (inc gst)

Helpful Hints - DIY:

We Recommend for you do a Visual Maintenance Inspection on all your Whitegoods every 6 months. This simpley means to Check for signs of wear and tear, listen for any sounds of knocking or strain during a machines cycles and clean out any lint or food filters which will assist in preventing damage and prolong the life expectancy of your appliances.

Often you will find nothing more needs to be done to your machines, although if you find something is not right or you are needing a full service done on any of your machines we would be happy to help!

You can book our Signature Health Check Service below.