About Us

About Us

Life is sweet, why...because we Belong on the Sunshine Coast!


Our technical experience has been developed in Europe and Australia for the last 20+ years, and while we really enjoyed our time overseas, there is no place like home.

ValerFix was birthed from a desire to serve the community of the Sunshine Coast with Commitment, Integrity and the Purpose of helping others in their 'time of need' without taking advantage.


We are people of our word and we all know to prosper in a Community you need to have qualities people can rely on and be proud of because community requires investment.

Our Qualities are that we take seriously the weight of our convictions and work hard to uphold the standard we have committed too. We may not be perfect, but we serve Others and Ourselves the best way we know how, in a Fair, True, Honest and Dignified Manner.

We practically apply this by putting communication as a priority with customers in realistic time-frames,

up front charges and costings,

and keeping our word by not promising things we are unable to follow through with.


It might be hard to believe, but money is not our main motivation, while we need it to live, it is not our priority in business or personally in our individual lives -

connection and relationship is, which are the heart of community!

This being the case, focusing on Community actually allows us to achieve our priorities of good service because we are not about doing whatever we need to get our hands on profits,

we are about trying to help others the best way we can.


We find when you limit your potential and success to financial profits,

Life’s value is lowered with it!


 Our Motto: Putting Community back in Business!


Our values Speak for Themselves -

And this is Why we are the HIGHEST Customer Rated Appliance Service

on the Sunshine Coast!