Air-Conditioner Repairs

Air-Conditioner Repairs

We have over 20 years of experience repairing appliances, in both Europe and in Australia.

This has led to a wealth of experience with a diverse range of machines and brands. We lean on this expirence to find the source of your appliance problem and get it up and running as quickly as possible, so it can do what it does best ~ work for you.



We are now offering Deep Cleaning for Air Con Systems

deep cleaning includes:

Specialised pressure washing/sanitising of the internal & external units

- using a catch bag for no spillage inside -

this process removes any build up in the head/internal unit systems and cleans away trapped odours, pollutants and germs which are being recycled through the system


All Prices Include GST

Diagnosis & call out for Repair $99

($44 for any other appliance looked at/Diagnosed in same location/same appointment)

Split System Full Service $143

Split System Deep Clean $143

Split System Full Service & Deep Clean $187

(40% discount for any other unit/s service in same location/appointment)

Ducted Air Con Full Service $231

Ducted Air Con Deep Clean $231

 Ducted Air Con Full Service & Deep Clean $275

Full Air Con Service

A 'full service' is more then a repair, it is not just dealing with a single issue but inspecting the whole machine to make sure all systems are operating fully to maximise efficiency and prevent damage

a full service includes:

checking system pressure (gas leaks)

temp control

system drainage (moisture leaks)

mechanical functions

This takes a minimum of 30 mins to complete

Helpful Hints...

Air-Con Maintenance Problems


Something that often gets forgotten about with air conditioners is cleaning the filters in the head unit every month or so. Especially in more dry and dusty areas and on properties or where there is not so much concealment of dust particles. If you are finding the air con taking some time to cool down a room, this can be a contributing factor.

Check out the video below for help on how to clean these filters.