Charity Donations

Giving to Those in Need

With your help we are contributing 20% of all Valerfix Profits to those in great need in Australia, Romania and Africa.

If you want to make a donation please call us or follow the link above

All Money goes directly to those in Need, we do not use any for admin or to cover costs


Widows and Orphans

Romania & Africa

The Photographs & information below are provided to us by our

Local Support Workers

who we employ to identify those in need in their communities and surrounding areas.

This provides a wage for a local support person and their family.

Our support workers are an integral part of reaching those in need and are in need themselves. ValerFix helps them and inturn they Identify and help others and so on.

It is a joy to see the pics and videos sent to us in response to your generosity.

Helping where the need is greatest.

Widowed Mother of Five

This Mother (Maria) and her children were left without a father/husband after he died in a car crash a few years ago. 

Maria is unable to receive any government help or find a job due to her inability to read or write, and having to care for her children as she does not have any relatives who can help.

this family has been relying on the local church giving what little they have.

The situation has become more desperate as recently one of her children was hit by a car while crossing the road, Sadly many families are in similar circumstances as Maria and her children, but her situation is worsened by her second youngest child being diagnosed with a hole in his heart. 

The room they are pictured in is the extent of their housing and serves as their kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, with all sharing the sofa for sleeping.

This is one of the families we are supporting through the work we are doing for you!