We're Here To Help

We do our Best by being honest, friendly and trying to help you save money whenever possible.

Being a part of this community, we commit to taking care of our customers and therefore we will return, free of charge, if the job has not been completed correctly or a new part fails.


Will the technician arrive with the right parts to finish the job first time?

We aim to finish the job on the first visit! Most often we have the right part for the job, but as you can imagine, there are so many brands and a large range of appliances within each brand so there are times this is not possible. the technician can let you know, once the diagnosis has taken place, how quickly the job is able to be completed, and quote will be provided after the diagnosis takes place.

Will I be charged the repair call out/diagnostic fee again if the technician has to come back a second time to finish the job?

NO, this is a one-time fee to deal with the issue, if the technician has to come back to finish a job due to waiting on a part, this will be covered by Valerfix

What if i diagnosed the problem myself, do i still have to pay the Call Out/Diagnostic Fee?

YES, this is a call out fee as well as a diagnosis fee, this covers the technicians travel and time and admin expenses.

Sadly we also often find that self diagnosis can be incorrect and causes complication.

Our diagnosis is included in our charges so why not take advantage of this.

I want to cancel an initial appointment, what do I do?

You are welcome to cancel an initial booking the day before the appointment has been scheduled. If you are not able to attend an appointment for any reason we can reschedule although cancelled appointments with no notice will still incure the $110 call out fee as you can understand we were not given the time needed to schedule another appointment in its place.

Please call our admin staff between office hours (Mon-Wed 8am to 4pm) on 0498 531 940

PLEASE NOTE: The appointment needs to be cancelled or message left 24 hours before the appointment date as we cannot  accept cancellations after hours or on weekends.

If I want to cancel a quoted job, what is involved?

If this is a return visit because you are waiting for a special part to arrive, then the appointment can be cancelled up to an hour before the appointment commencement, although the money charged for the part itself cannot be returned, and once the part arrives you will be contacted to collect this part as this would have been a special order and not a resalable part.

Do you have a warranty for your work?

Like any decent business, we believe in providing a good service which we can be proud of.

Yes of course, if something is not working once we have finished the job, we will return (within reason and reasonable timeframe) to make a correction or replace the faulty part.

Please note: If on return we find that another problem is found, separate from the original, and was not our error, the service fees will apply. Or if this is part of a warranty claim - please contact the warranty company for further assistance